My experience was good. I felt welcomed and heard, my concerns were addressed.
SHATAVIA T. | May 27, 2023
Smiling faces. Detailed and not rushed. Questions asked twice to be sure.
LISA C. | May 24, 2023
The doctor is so helpful ans so cool . It make me feel like I visited with a family member . When I see her .
WILLIE F. | May 13, 2023
Finally a Pcp who truly cares and isn’t just a pill pusher but she is working with me and teaching me to be well!
SANDRA P. | May 11, 2023
Felt very welcomed from the moment I walked in. Mrs Matthews and her team are a solid group of medical professionals. They genuinely care about their patients well being. I went in for an annual physical and bloodwork - was blown away by their thoroughness and overall quality of the examination. Have definitely found a good physician for the foreseeable future! Thanks for the amazing care and smiles
JASON G. | May 08, 2023
Very awesome!!
KENDON G. | May 04, 2023
I dropped in to inquire about getting lab work done. An appointment was made for me on the spot. Was able to get lab work done and was able to sit and explain all my concerns to Dr. Matthew. She ACTUALLY LISTENED AND ACTED. For some of my concerns I have been dealing with for YEARS my previous PCP never even bothered to take action. Dr. Matthews CARES and that is truly hard to come by nowadays. So happy I made the stop!
COMEIKO T. | May 03, 2023
Great care always gives a positive outlook
ALISHIA B. | May 03, 2023
She was very Knowledgeable and concerned about my problems. I was very satisfied with her.
FRANCES M. | May 01, 2023
I had a wonderful experience yesterday. So friendly and cheerful! I would not hesitate making a call to them with a question or problem
MARY S. | Apr 27, 2023
What can I say? Dr. Matthews has been a breath of fresh air! Her attentiveness to my needs and concerns have superceded my expectations. She calls her patients to check on them after their visits and makes sure all of your questions have been answered. I'm recommending her to everyone! Thank you Dr. Matthews!
Cree P. | Apr 25, 2023
Very kind and actually listened to me. Most doctors I’ve seen just try to get me in and out as quickly as they can. I feel like she is a great provider and I look forward to seeing her for all my future medical meds.
JUSTIN V. | Apr 23, 2023
Dr.Matthews is very attentive, caring, accommodating, resourceful, informative just simply amazing!
SEROYAL B. | Apr 22, 2023
The most genuine and informative doctor and medical team I have been treated by in all of my 32 years of life. I am truly grateful to have found them because good health care is hard to come by.
JORDAN L. | Apr 22, 2023
I visited Dr. Matthews over a year and a half ago. So glad I choose the clinic that she was practicing at the time! She really listens to her patients and take really great care of them. I'm blessed to be in her care at my age of 66 yrs. Most doctors just don't take time for seniors these days. So I really encourage you to take a look at Dr. Matthews staff and her care! It will be the last search for a primary care doctor!
DELORES C. | Apr 18, 2023
Excellent everything was good
IMELDA L. | Apr 13, 2023
A totally awesome experience!!!
SHERRY M. | Apr 11, 2023
CARL S. | Apr 04, 2023
Love at
VEOLA A. | Mar 31, 2023
It was great.
MANUEL S. | Mar 31, 2023
I actually enjoyed my Dr visit. It was refreshing to have an actual dialogue with my Health care provider. I was educated along with my diagnosis which was super important to me. The entire staff is amazing!
Felicia E. | Mar 22, 2023
Eazy going..
FREDERICK T. | Mar 22, 2023
Wonderful best Doctors office I’ve been to in years and I trust them
JAQUAI F. | Mar 22, 2023
Very easy sick appointment, everyone is really nice and actually care about you. will recommend everyone to visit Mrs. Yaminah
LESLEY A. | Mar 21, 2023
I’m very pleased by the level of care I’ve received. Yaminah goes above and beyond to make sure my health is a priority. Her staff is attentive and knowledgeable too. I highly recommend the clinic to everyone.
CONNIE M. | Mar 17, 2023
Was great service
IMELDA L. | Mar 17, 2023
Dr. Matthew's made me feel at ease after explaining my issue to her, she immediately had the answers and I felt very confident with her recommendations. After my virtual visit and after following her orders, my issue has been resolved. I am definitely a happy patient and I will continue to see medical attention with Dr Matthews
ZAPHORIA P. | Mar 15, 2023
Dr. Matthews make sure that my mother has all the proper care of that she needs. She takes a lot of things that to make sure the blood pressure is OK she just do all those wonderful things to make sure my mother has the proper care that she needs to get according to her age I wouldn’t get nothing for Dr. Matthews because she’s a wonderful, very helpful, caring doctor And we love her
LILLIE L. | Mar 13, 2023
First of all, the location and scenery was inviting. Then to be wowed by the decor when I stepped into the office was definitely a plus. Next, to get a warm welcome from the medical staff at the front desk, made me anxious to see what the rest of my experience was going to feel like. So, sure enough the experience with the rest of the visit was comfortable, safe and pleasant. I really felt like I was heard and that my concerns about me were valid. It was my first visit and definitely not my last!
TAMMY H. | Mar 11, 2023
Professional and courteous
CARL S. | Mar 01, 2023
Very pleasant, knowledgeable, kind, and professional. ♥️♥️♥️
PAMELA G. | Feb 23, 2023
Review rating 4.96774/5
Total reviews 31